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Who cares?

Who cares?

As the U.K. goes into its second lockdown I am struck by the differences in people.

It seems to me that more and more there is a definite divide between the people who care. The ones who care about each other, what happens to others, care about the planet, just care. Then the people who simply do not care, or at least only care about themselves.

I have pretty much always been surrounded by people who care. My parents, my siblings, my children, my friends and of course when I entered nursing and then midwifery, I was pretty much surrounded!

When I left nursing, it was not because I hated the profession anymore. Quite the reverse. I simply knew I had to do something more in the world. Use my ability to inspire and motivate people in a different way. The people I began to work with as a coach had similar things in common. They were always people who cared deeply about others and needed space to explore their own lives. They were deeply affected by difficult and sometimes traumatic life events and change.

I gently joined them on their journeys through life and put my arm virtually around them when they were ready to move forward. I walked alongside them until they were ready to walk confidently on their own once more.

What a privilege.


I also had the ability to recognise when someone needed to maybe do deeper work on the path behind them. Explore the dark spaces. I still do that today. It is an ability I was born with. I always know when I need to connect people and guide them to work with someone other than myself.

My work on the planet is to help people move forward when they are ready. To give them the ability to really find the woods from the trees and begin to feel the warm, bright sunshine again.

If both happens, we find the ‘Peace’ I spoke about in my blog from last week. It is a peace that can only be found if we do the work on our life path and that is not for the faint hearted. Many avoid doing the work because it is just too painful. After a lifetime of pain in one form or another since age 11 I am finally feeling that peace myself and I can’t tell you how good that feels. I am someone who has done the work, felt the pain and allowed myself time to heal. Invested in help from others to explore, understand and allow true healing to take place.

If you find the right person/ people to help you on that journey it is entirely possible. It is where I get my strapline from – ‘Change is forever but the pain doesn’t have to be…’

I genuinely know what mental and emotional pain is like. Excruciating pain that leaves you on your knees. Pain so great it feels like you can barely breathe, move, or even get out of bed.

It was during one of my darkest times in 2013 that I found myself agreeing to keep people who had either been part of my life for a long time, coaching clients and people who came to my inspiring and motivational personal growth events connected in some way.

I had used twitter as a social media platform, but I had never really used Facebook. I found myself agreeing to pilot a private group within the platform and invited 50 women to join me. 50 AMAZING women.

I promised I would post in the group 3 times a week and that is what I did. Religiously I posted come rain or shine. For that first year I only went out with my dog Ben, he literally took me for a walk. I kept on posting.

The group started to grow. I would meet people randomly on my walks and on my journey since. I always had the ability to recognise when someone was kind, compassionate and quite simply cared.

The group was given a name. It was after a rickety old sign I had seen earlier that year when my girls and I were given the gift of a break in Barbados. As we turned a corner, I saw the sign… I said ‘it’s a sign’. My girls groaned. Mum is off on one again. I took a picture of that sign and remember saying to them both I will use that one day.

The sign said: ‘Forever Flowers – for all your flowers needs’.

It seemed perfect to use the name for the group. Women who needed reminding how amazing they are. What their purpose is and that they are here to live their best lives while here on this beautiful planet. To join them during the darker times and help them through and back into the sunshine again.

So, ‘Forever flowers’ it became. By then we had regular days – ‘Keep watering you Wednesday’, ‘Feel good Friday’ and ‘The Monday morning message’ which was never on a Monday!

I ran a competition to name our trusty pink watering can with goggley eyes I had been given by a local florist called ‘little Ivan’! She became known as Daisy-Rose.

Then, it dawned on me. We needed to invite the men into the group. They had always attended my events and so it was that the men were invited and welcomed into the group, fondly known as ‘Forever Flower pot men’!

Today the group has 800+ incredible members from across the globe. People care everywhere! 1:10 of our members are now men. Yes, men do care too!

With my newfound peace I feel ready to now grow this incredible group. Create a force for good. People who genuinely care about others and the planet. They need to grow in strength and that is where I come in.

As I come to life again, I can begin to complete the work I was put on this planet to do. It is not about me – it is about making sure that others flourish, grow and stay strong even when the storms appear, and the odd hurricanes and tornado hit without warning.

During this 2nd lockdown in the U.K. I am introducing a member each day – I am meeting them in the virtual ‘garden’ (life) in ‘Forever Flowers’ for a 20 minute chat about life and stuff. Highlighting how amazingly amazing they all really are.

Most importantly inspiring and motivating others who might listen in that anything is possible and that we all go through difficult life change and that reaching out for help and support is not something to be ashamed or concerned about. You are worth investing in (oh yes you are)!


If you or someone you know cares, you/ they need reminding to take good care of themselves do join me or invite them. It is important to find your voice and strength. Remember – there are ‘people who care everywhere’. If we join together, the power for good will grow. You or they are very welcome:

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