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Kind words from clients past and present.

I’ve sent several of our team members who were struggling with various issues over to Julie, and she has worked wonders. Even those who were reluctant to accept the help. Julie a warm and compassionate “Mother Hen”, and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with the well-being of my staff. Thank you Julie x

Rebecca Hannon

HR & Admin Manager – Forensic Analytics Ltd

Julie is able to deal with the trauma that’s troubling their life; She has since donated two of her books to help our clients following a bereavement, and if I feel a client needs to talk to someone better qualified than either myself or my colleague, we will always recommend her. We know they’ll be in good hands to start their road to recovery, as Julie has such a gentle manner that you instantly feel at ease with her.

Donna Kennett CertFAA

Funeral Home Manager – Shires Funeral Directors

Julie has a fabulous instinctive and subtle way to help you through difficulties. She made an enormous difference to me at a particularly challenging time. Having someone on your side who is unrelated to the situation with such incredible insight and understanding is very reassuring as well as practically helpful. Her own life experience gives her a wealth of wisdom to bring to the table. She’s a gem. I highly recommend her.


Julie is an incredible coach. She has been there for me for many years as I’ve struggled with the challenges in my life. She creates a beautiful space where I am put completely at ease to express my feelings and speak freely without ever feeling ‘judged’. Every coaching session I’ve had with Julie has supported me and left me more positive about life and I believe i am a more compassionate and loving person as a result of her coaching. Forever thankful.


Working with Julie, it is clear that being able to offer her expertise and skills to our colleagues at Smart, ensures we can support them during some of the most challenging times they face. She offers a truly compassionate, empathetic and confidential service.

Martin Warner

Director of talent

You helped me forge a path through a difficult and traumatic period of my life. What different roles we all play and how to seek contentment and peace within them all. I don’t think I ever took a moment to properly thank you and how important you were to my being happy today. So thank you from the bottom of my heart…


Julie opened the Herts Police Wellbeing Champions Away day with a fantastic workshop. The unique content was extremely well received and the champions are now using it when dealing with bereavement and trauma in their working environment

Jo Healey

Hertfordshire Police

Julie was able to strike the perfect balance between professionalism and approachability, making everyone feel at ease and facilitating engaging discussions throughout the day. She was also highly responsive to the needs of attendees, addressing questions and concerns with patience and expertise.

Overall, Julies warming personality and strong leadership and guidance made a significant contribution to the success of the conference. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and knowledge of the healthcare industry were evident throughout the day, inspiring and motivating all those in attendance.

I highly recommend this event chair to anyone looking for a skilled and capable professional to lead their next conference or event. Thank you for a job well done!

Rebecca Hannon

HR & Admin Manager – Forensic Analytics Ltd

Julie’s coaching is both excellent & practical, getting clear plans in place to both help sort out problems & stress, acknowledge too what you’re doing right & always ‘homework’ to help you move in the right direction. Also highly recommend for those who’ve lost loved ones, been through divorce, trauma & any loss, a coach is truly a valuable thing & Julie will support & cheer you on & encourage you to keep watering you, looking after you on the journey with always love & harmony in your home.


Sorrow seems like an old fashioned word but really it was the best word to describe our son’s mood. He was so down and so miserable after the death of his beloved pet rabbit who died suddenly in quite traumatic circumstances. His sadness meant that he struggled with the changes in his school life having transitioned from junior school to senior school a few months before. We had only one session with Julie but knew her door was always open should we feel the need to return. The session gave him the ok to process the situation. She used her Garden analogy and gave him her book, which for some time after he would read a little each evening. It has been the hardest of lessons for him but I have no doubt that he is a stronger and a more emotionally mature person now, because with Julie’s help, he managed his grieving process and understands his reactions to it.



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