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Forever flowers – are you one?

Forever flowers – are you one?

We recently changed the name of our shop to ‘forever flowers’, and I am also calling the name of my workshops I deliver into companies, organisations and charities ‘forever flowers workshops’.

So, I thought it was time to explain why this is.

In 2013 I was struggling to carry on working effectively after my husband Rob’s lengthy illness and his death in the latter part of 2012. A good friend gave my girls and I accommodation in Barbados for 10 days to begin our journey of recovery.

While we were there, we turned a corner and was faced with a rickety old sign outside a closed florist. It said ‘Forever Flowers – for all your flowers needs’! I turned to my girls and said, ‘it’s a sign’. From memory they both groaned! I instead took a picture and said ‘I will use that name one day’.

Later that year decided to leave my work completely behind to fully recover and a group of people asked me to keep them connected in some way. These were people who had attended my inspiring workshops or had been clients. I thought carefully about this and agreed. Facebook groups had literally just started and so I created a group with 50 women. I suggested piloting the group with them for 3 months and I promised to share 3 encouraging, inspiring, motivating posts 3 times a week. We had: ‘The Monday morning message’ – a message from me which was actually never on a Monday (!); Keep watering You Wednesday and Feel good Friday!

It seemed to be well received and continues to grow today 9 years later. Last year I welcomed the 1K member, men AND women aged 16+ who are situated across the globe in 25+ countries. I have only ever NOT posted 3 times a week when I was in Cuba and on my honeymoon in the Maldives in 2019 (I was so lucky to meet Neil and we are so happy together).

And yes, you’ve guessed it I used the name on that sign and the group became known as ‘forever flowers’.

Now that doesn’t really establish what makes us a ‘Forever flower’ does it? So, I can now explain we are people who care. We are sensitive, kind, caring, compassionate and have a deep empathy for others. This means that we feel things very deeply and thus need to learn how to ‘water ourselves’ to grow and become resilient.

I have a natural ability to identify a ‘forever flower’, and so that is why up until this point I have pretty much invited every member personally to join the ‘forever flowers’ group.

The name of the group also ties in with the name of my company that I started in March 2006 – Changes forever!

So, if you or someone you know fits the description of a ‘forever flower’ or indeed a ‘forever flower pot man’ do invite them to join us or put them in touch with me. This also includes companies, organisations and charities that are full of people who care. They need inspiring, motivating and supporting to flourish, grow and stay strong personally and professionally and will be made to feel very welcome ???

‘Just ask Julie!’ A warm welcome awaits…

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