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For me, the three most important things will be:


Your future

Your happiness

It can sometimes feel impossible to focus on any of those most important things.
If you have been through a painful time in your life, you will probably have received support from friends, family and/or professionals. But you might still be finding it difficult to imagine your life ever being truly enjoyable or fulfilling.
When you have got through the hardest stage but still don’t feel that everything is quite right, I will love helping you with your full personal recovery.


Find out more


Find out more


Find out more

After 20 years working as a nurse and midwife, including pioneering NHS community projects, I realised my overriding passion in life: helping other people to recover their lives.​
Since I started coaching professionally in 2006, I have developed a unique programme, which has helped hundreds of people to reach new phases in their lives, which they hadn’t thought possible. Find out more about my programme on the How Page.
Whatever your life experiences, I will offer you a confidential and safe place to talk about anything that has happened in your past.
I pride myself on being approachable, compassionate and 100% trustworthy. People have said that even the first session with me feels like talking to a close friend. You might like to read some feedback from people I’ve helped on my Testmonials page.
Call me on 07967 135870 , or send me an email from my contact page.
I will always be happy to hear from you.

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