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Change is forever

but the pain doesn’t have to be

Tuesday December 5th 7:45pm (UK)

Whatever you have been through, personal recovery coach Julie can help you find a new way forward

After difficult times, it can be hard to get your life fully back on track
When you are ready to take the next step,
Julie will give you the support and advice you need

Julie has many years’ experience in helping people to find new ways forward.

Her New Chapter programme is enriching, enjoyable and often completely life-changing.
Find out some of the reasons why this personal recovery programme could be ideal for you.
Hear about other people’s experiences with Julie on her testimonials page.


Find out more


Find out more


Find out more

Julie will help you to realise how important it is for you to be happy, and show you how to regain control over your life, your situation and your emotions.

Whether you have received support or coped alone during a difficult time, it might well feel impossible to imagine a brighter future. But whatever you have been through, personal recovery coach Julie will be able to help you recover.

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The Grief Garden Path

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